Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preparing to Raid

Preparing for raids:
Step 1: Know the damn tactics
Step 2: Come prepared, all your gear is properly gemmed and enchanted, you have enough flasks and statfood for the entire raid (and then some) without relying on someone to drop fish feasts for you all night long, you have enough ammo with you to last you well over one raid, you have enough food and drink to last you the entire night if there is no mage and your gear better be repaired and at 100%.
Step 3: Know your limits, don't try to get into raids you can't handle dps wise.
You might get some fat loot there, but you'll also make a bad impression on the raid.
Making a good impression and building a good reputation for yourself will get you much further.
Step 4: ASK QUESTIONS. really, you'll make a much better impression on people by saying "Hey, I haven't done this boss before. I know all the strats but could you give me a quick run through of how you do the fight?" than by keeping quiet and @#%^ing up or performing badly.

There's a few key elements that make you an awesome raider.
And suprisingly (*cough*NOT*cough*) is that it's all between your ears.
Use your brain, learn from your mistakes, pay attention to your surroundings.
Don't stand in the fire for 2 seconds, know that it can come and be prepared to run out (run, don't jump! jumping can cause WoW to think you're at the place you jumped from until you land making you take extra ticks of damage).
Being able to not @#%^ up is a massive part of being a good raider.

It's a normal thing for everyone to mess up from time to time, it happens and if you're unlucky it even wipes your raid.
No big deal, as long as you're man (or woman) enough to admit that you made a mistake and smart enough to learn from it.

Another thing you need to do is have vent/ts and a microphone.
Announce when things happen to you that changes how people interact with you.
Do you need extra healing? did you mess up and need someone to cover you in whatever you had to do? are you taking over for someone because they can't make it? need to do something people need to react to? SAY SO!

But your guildies don't have/use microphones? so @#%^ing what, you can.
You can't use it for another reason? find a way to fix that.
You don't have a mic? they're only $5 for a cheap one, no point not having one.
You're afraid to talk over vent/ts? stop being shy and just talk, people won't hate you for it.
Even if your voice is annoying as hell they'll appreciate the communication.
 (Written by Aethien from Allakhazam)
 I just wanted to point this bit of information out. It's really good for anyone to read over and learn. This will help speed up the learning curve for hunters and raiding. If you follow these steps it will surely help out your ability, confidence, and your raid.


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