Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Possible Talent Builds

I've been playing around with the talent trees at WoWTal. I believe some of these builds could be possible candidates for end game play in Cataclysm.

First off is a BM PvE build (first 31 points)

I believe this will be pretty much the standard BM PvE build. It incorporates all the DPS talents will also including a little survivability with Spirit Bond. It can easily be changed around to get Improved Mend Pet if your pet has a problem surviving. This still gives 10 point to put into the other trees.

The MM PvE build (first 31 points)

This will probably be the basic cookie cutter build for the first 31 points in a MM build. If Cataclysm goes back to the roots of CC then you will see end game builds with points in Silencing Shot and Concussive Barrage. Resistance is Futile could be a good talent if it has a chance to proc anytime the target simply moves. If anyone has any information on that, that would be great. Unless a lot of adds spawn on end game raid bosses I don't see Rapid Killing being all that useful. The 4 talents that has not been chosen are all situational.

The SV PvE build (first 31 points)

This seems like a really solid foundation for a SV build. The only problem I'm seeing in these first 32 points are Hunter vs. Wild and Point of No Escape. Since Hunter vs. Wild has been changed around and does not increase AP for stamina, that makes Hunter vs. Wild a survivability talent with no dps increase. Point of No Escape would be good in conjunction with Trap Launcher to throw out a frost trap and receive the crit increase, but frost trap offers no dps increase and you would be wasting a GCD and 30 focus. So if the 6% increase in crit outweighs the cost of trap launcher and the GCD then it will be worth it.

I've only taken a look at the first 31 point builds. With the exception of SV which I used 32. These are all pretty solid starts to each of these talent trees. The final 9-10 points will of course most likely be spread across the other trees.

Some excellent talents that should be grabbed after finishing a tree would be:

BM: Improved Kill Command, One With Nature
MM: Efficiency
SV: Improved Tracking, Improved Serpent Sting

I hope this gives a little bit of an insight on the new talent trees and some builds in Cataclysm.


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