Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pet of the Week 9/16

It's time again for the pet of the week! This weeks pet was very simple to pick. With the new changes made to pets special abilities this pet is sure to make a surge in the expansion. That is, the core hound. This week will feature the green core hound.

Core hounds are most noteably known for their new ability, Ancient Hysteria. Core hounds are exotic pets so they can only be tamed by hunters who have the talent Beast Mastery.

This particular core hound can be found in Shadowmoon Valley, named Uvuros. There is also Braxxus in Blade's Edge Mountain.

Look for core hounds to make a come back in Cataclysm along with their menacing growl that can be heard when they are around (unless the disabled that sound like they did to devilsaurs).

That's it for this weeks pet, check back next Wednesday where I will reveal next weeks pet.


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