Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunter and Good to Know Acronyms

Lately I have found myself trying to stray away from using acronyms but it's just not possible. While a vast majority of readers probably know most or all of these I would like to provide a list of some that you will typically see involved with hunters or some other widely used ones.

  • AiS: Aimed Shot
  • AotF: Aspect of the Fox
  • AotH: Aspect of the Hawk
  • ArS: Arcane Shot
  • BA: Black Arrow
  • BL: Blood Lust
  • BM: Beast Mastery
  • CC: Crowd Control
  • CS: Chimera Shot
  • ExS: Explosive Shot
  • HM: Hunter's Mark
  • KC: Kill Command
  • KS: Kill Shot
  • LnL: Lock and Load
  • LoS: Line of Sight
  • MM: Marksmanship
  • MS: Multi-Shot, or referring to a mortal strike
  • Pack: refers to Aspect of the Pack
  • Pat: refers to patrolling monster
  • PvE: Player vs. Environment
  • PvP: Player vs. Player
  • SrS: Serpent Sting
  • SS: Steady Shot 
  • SV: Survival
 I know there are many more out there and I am probably missing a few right now. If anyone has any I have missed, leave a comment and I will add them.


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