Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet of the Week 10/14

I have really been slacking with 4.0.1 coming out. I've been trying to download the patch and get everything working. The download speeds I have been experiencing are atrocious so it's taking me awhile and distracting me.

So this weeks pet of the week is the Green Devilsaur. There is only one green skin Devilsaur in the game and that is King Krush that is a rare elite found in Sholazar Basin.

Devilsaurs bring an increased crit chance as well as a mortal strike. Also I picked out the green skin because basically it reminds me of Reptar. Any one remember the old Rugrats show on Nick? Tommy's favorite dinosaur was Reptar so I'm kicking it back old school!

Enjoy your Devilsaur and I hope everyone is enjoying the new changes in 4.0.1.