Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tier 11 Concept Art

Check out the newly release tier 11 concept art for hunters. 
 Top Left: "Shoulder pads constructed from glass fishing net floats - filled with water and lashed together."

Bottom Left: "Alternative (...) Shoulder Pad"

Bottom Right: "Tier 11 - Hunter, Stormchaser's Battlegear"

(I'm sorry, I can't quite read everything, if someone knows what it all says please let me know.)

Looks like a sort of water theme here for hunters. We appear to have some sort of naga or murloc head piece. With some sort of water filled balls or something on our shoulders with scales throughout the pieces. It could be interesting once it's completed. I for one, don't mind the head piece so much, but I'm read a lot comment that people don't really like it.

I do enjoy the stormchaser name for the gear. Hopefully the tier bonuses will be good also.


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