Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Template Contest

As I had said in my previous article I am having a contest to design a better suiting template for Land of Orcs.

Land of Orcs Template Contest
The current template for the site doesn't do the name any justice. This is why I would like to present you with a chance to earn a 3 month premium subscription to ZAM and a 30 day World of Warcraft Digital Game Card through the Blizzard Store. This will give Land of Orcs a unique template that won't be like anyone elses.

To enter this contest you will need to create a HTML template that can be used for Land of Orcs. The file below is currently the template being used. It can be used as a guide to help you create the template.

Example File, if the download doesn't work can you find it here.
  • Template needs to be submitted in a .txt format.
  • Needs to have orcs, hunters and World of Warcraft represented somewhere in the template. Needs to be either a 2 or 3 column template.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries if I feel they have been stolen from other sources. Multiple entries can be submitted by the same user.
Submissions to be sent to Landoforcs@gmail.com

Submissions will be accepted until 7:00pm Saturday October 30th, 2010. The winner will be choosen by me. Ultimately I am looking for creativity, theme, look and feel, and style. The winner will choosen and announced on Monday November, 1st  and will receive a 3 month premium subscription to ZAM and a 30 day World of Warcraft digital game card through the Blizzard Store.

Terms and Conditions:
  • If you are chosen as the winner you have 3 days after the announcement to contact Land of Orcs with the information needed to distribute the prizes otherwise they will be forfeited.
  • If you enter and are chosen as the winner you forfeit the rights to the images used.
  • Template can not be sold or distributed to other parties.
ZAM is not responsible for any terms and conditions or any other problems that may arise. This contest is being held solely by the owner of Land of Orcs.

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