Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not Suitable for All Ages

By request of the fellow users at ZAM, I was told that if I were to incorporate boobies and milkshakes that it would make my blog more appealing. If you do not want to see this cute booby, please advert your eyes now! Though it's probably already too late.

Here you go guys!

Sorry Noc, I had to use a different milkshake picture but that's ok.

Are you confused? Well here is thread that started this whole ordeal. Allakhazam

To kind of get back on topic of World of Warcraft. I will be hosting a contest to create a new template for Land of Orcs, stay turned for that announcement. After previewing the talent trees there were a couple new changes to a few talents in the latest build so check for those to be fixed. I am also still looking for someone to be an author, if you would like to be an author for Land of Orcs, mainly someone with pvp experience please email me at