Monday, October 4, 2010

Marksmanship Leveling Build: Cataclysm

In this article I would like to take a look at a leveling build for the Marksmanship tree. In this tree you will receive Aimed Shot. But you don't learn this until level 20.

Starting out your pet is going to be a big part of your leveling and damage so it's best to go ahead and get Go For the Throat and then grab Rapid Killing.

Level 10: 1/2 Go For the Throat
Level 11: 2/2 Go For the Throat
Level 13: 1/2 Rapid Killing

Now, I would go ahead and grab 2/3 Efficiency to move onto tier 2.

Level 15: 1/3 Efficiency
Level 17: 2/3 Efficiency
Level 19: 1/2 Sic 'Em
Level 21: 2/2 Sic 'Em
Level 23: 1/2 Careful Aim
Level 25: 2/2 Careful Aim
Level 27: 3/3 Efficiency

The reason I didn't take Improved Steady Shot is that haste won't affect you all that much at such a low level. Also when soloing you won't have much time to stand around to cast Steady Shot. It would make a good opener on a far away mob but after that you should be using Arcane and Kill Command.

Level 29: 1/3 Piercing Shots
Level 31: 2/3 Piercing Shots
Level 33: 3/3 Piercing Shots
Level 35: 1/2 Concussive Barrage
Level 37: 2/2 Concussive Barrage

I decided to grab Concussive Barrage for a bit of CC into mobs. Since your pet won't be able to handle all the threat from your attacks it's best to provide a bit of CC.

Level 39: 1/1 Trueshot Aura
Level 41: 1/2 Resistance is Futile
Level 43: 2/2 Resistance is Futile

Grabbing Resistance is Futile is a good idea. A lot of humanoids flee when they get below 30% or so.

Level 45: 1/2 Bombardment
Level 47: 2/2 Bombardment
Level 49: 1/1 Readiness
Level 51: 1/2 Rapid Recouporation
Level 53: 2/2 Rapid Recouporation
Level 55: 1/3 Master Marksman
Level 57: 2/3 Master Marksman
Level 59: 3/3 Master Marksman
Level 61: 1/2 Posthaste
Level 63: 2/2 Posthaste

At this point you will need to go back and grab 2 more talents to be able to get Chimera Shot. I suggest grabbing Improved Steady Shot.

Level 65: 1/3 Improved Steady Shot
Level 67: 2/3 Improved Steady Shot
Level 69: 1/1 Chimera Shot

Now, I would grab 3/3 One With Nature for the AP bonus.

Level 71: 1/3 One With Nature
Level 73: 2/3 One With Nature
Level 75: 3/3 One With Nature
Level 77: 1/3 Bestial Discipline
Level 79: 2/3 Bestial Discipline

For some added survivability and stability while leveling you can get Hunter vs. Wild. If you aren't having trouble you can grab Pathing.

Level 81: 1/3 Pathing or Hunter vs. Wild
Level 82: 2/3 Pathing or Hunter vs. Wild
Level 82: 3/3 Pathing or Hunter vs. Wild
Level 84: 1/3 Frenzy
Level 85: 2/3 Frenzy

This should finish off your leveling. Your talent tree will then look like this (Hunter vs. Wild) or this (Pathing).

Please note that this is not the most optimal raiding spec. This is purely for leveling to 85. At this point if you would like to start raiding you will need to respec. You can take a look at the Marksmanship page for some information regarding the best raiding specs.


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