Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Focus Cost List

This is going to be a very simple, basic list of all the focus costs for hunters. While we are getting used to focus and their costs this list will be beneficial to see all the abilities together to try and get a better feel for the new rotations or priorities.

Focus Costs
Arcane Shot - 25 focus
Camouflage - 20 focus

Serpent Sting - 25 focus
Kill Command - 40 focus
Multi-Shot - 40 focus
Trap Launcher - 30 focus
Tranquilizing Shot - 35 focus
Widow Venom - 15 focus

Revive Pet - 35% of base focus
Scare Beast - 25 focus

Beast Mastery:
No spec specific focus requirements

Aimed Shot - 50 focus
Chimera Shot - 50 focus

Black Arrow - 35 focus
Explosive Shot - 50 focus
Wyvern Sting - 35 focus

Steady Shot and Cobra Shot do not cost focus but instant give back 9 focus.

Right now I can understand why BM is winning the dps race. It has no talent specific focus costs and it seems to have a really good damage per focus ratio. It uses the lowest costing shots and abilities of all the specs. It's other abilities in the tree that provide extra boost to BM is stuff like Focus Fire, Bestial Wrath, and Intimidation all don't have any associated focus costs.

It's easy to understand why SV can because focus starved. If Cobra Shot can't keep Serpent Sting up then they have to reapply Serpent Sting which is an extra 25 focus on top of applying Black Arrow whenever it comes off cooldown and also using Explosive Shot. Now, I read Explosive Shots damage hasn't been all that great and that it's best to use Arcane Shot as a focus dump and only use Explosive Shot during LnL procs.

With the reduction in damage to both Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot it's easy to see why it is lagging so far behind. With 50 focus costs for each of the main attacks and 40 if Kill Command is used, it seems MM will either not have much time to focus dump and will constantly be waiting for 50 focus to shoot Chimera, or else the bulk of the damage will come from Steady Shot.